IFBC 2018, New Orleans or You Ought to Be in Pictures

Despite not feeling my best, I was blessed to have, at least, endeavored to take pictures – a little over 900.  It sounds like a lot but over a five-day period, that’s only 180 pictures per day, which really isn’t a lot.

I’ll write in more detail in some later posts.  Here, though, is a photo essay of my trip to New Orleans to attend the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) 2018.  Since I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t have as good a time as I’d had at last year’s conference, but I learned a lot of new, useful stuff, nonetheless, and got to try most of the food on my trip list.

Meanwhile, here are just a few pictures of my first (but not last!) trip to New Orleans.  It really is a food mecca.


Freshly cooked lumpia, CK’s Hot Shoppe


Fried chicken, Willie Mae’s Scotch House


Muffuletta sample, Napoleon House


Beignet samples, Café du Monde


Souffleed potato sample, Antoine’s


Coffee and beignets, Café Beignet


Gelato, Sprouse’s Market


Gumbo ya-ya, Gumbo Ya-Ya


Boiled shrimp, Gazebo Café


Doberge cake, Bakery Bar

#kakainna #ifbc2018 #neworleans #socalval


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