CA State Fair 2018: Girls (and Guys!) Just Wanna Have Fun


California State Fair 2018, woohoo!  It’s been years since Gabriel and I went so there have been a few additions, such as food/beverage experience classes (for a nominal fee) and the nightly silent disco (included with cost of fair admission).  I’ll do some detail posts later but, for now, here is a photo summary of some of my fair experience.

ca-state-fair-animals-cows-072018 (6)ca-state-fair-animals-mini-goats-072018 (4)ca-state-fair-animals-mini-pigs-072018 (2)

A few of the animal exhibits

ca-state-fair-display-interactive-cow-milking-072018 (1)ca-state-fair-food-exhibit-counties-cabbage-doll-072018 (1)ca-state-fair-food-competition-entries-baked-goods-entries-072018 (6)

Other exhibits — interactive, display and competition entries

ca-state-fair-food-fudge-booth-072018 (18)ca-state-fair-food-leatherbys-072018 (2)ca-state-fair-food-merlinos-freeze-072018 (6)

ca-state-fair-food-tastytreats-072018 (7)ca-state-fair-food-wine-slush-072018 (10)ca-state-fair-food-milos-072018 (2)

A variety of sweet treats

ca-state-fair-food-maddy-moos-072018 (2)ca-state-fair-food-pignottis-072018 (2)ca-state-fair-food-pepes-fresh-mexican-food-072018 (1)

Food ranging from stuff for the kiddos to fancier tastes and multiple options in between

ca-state-fair-games-072018 (1)ca-state-fair-games-072018 (7)ca-state-fair-pony-rides-072018 (2)

Can’t forget midway games and pony rides!

#kakainna #castatefair #socalval

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