88 Lines about 44 Cookbooks


One of my creative writing assignments was to write a poem with 88 lines about 44 things, something akin to the song, “88 Lines about 44 Women.”  Knowing I have a few hundred cookbooks and food-related books, I wrote about those.  It took forever (one of my first hints that being artistic is hard work).  The meter’s not perfect, but, hey, I did say it was hard work.  Sadly, I ended up dropping the class that semester shortly after submitting this poem.  While I re-enrolled the following semester, I couldn’t submit work I’d done before, so I opted out of doing that particular assignment as I just didn’t want to do it again (one of the “holidays” from an assignment the instructor allowed us).

It’s a cheat for this post, I know, but I want to stay on track with my posting goal, and I’ve always liked this poem.

Milk Eggs Vodka starts if off
random lists of groceries

Next is Modern Garde Manger
making some charcuterie

Primal Cuts, a book on meat
US butchers all around

Rose’s Heavenly Cakes is next
abundant recipes abound

Also wrote The Cake Bible
that’s the book that brought her fame

Rose’s Melting Pot — hers, too!
recipes put all to shame

Gastronomique — what a book!
it’s so dense, but that’s the hook

Terrines, Pates, Galatines
part of series, The Good Cook

Pyromaniac’s Cookbook
best in flaming food and drink

Here’s The Book of Jewish Food
where unfound are sausage links

Gingerbread for All Seasons
cutesy houses in the pics

What to Drink with What to Eat
lots of food with lots of liq

Fine Filipino Food, a find
soy and garlic are a must

Mast’ring Art of French Cooking
Julia Child, who else to trust?

Becoming a Chef, a little guide
tells you more than how to cook

Rectors Naughty 90s book
not found in classes that I took

Cookbook Cake Mix Doctor‘s good
dress up cake mix all you should

How to Garnish (and with tools!)
implements make food look good

Rotisserie n’ BBQ
“Set it, forget it!” – Popeil says

Crock’ry Pot, such a lil’ tome
use a bag, make smaller mess

Chopsticks in the Land of Cott’n
Lives of Chinese grocers, Locke

Confectioner, on sug’r art
making fancy sugar rocks

Flavor Bible is a fave
help you use spices with ease

Fondue Cookery‘s so cool
bubbling pots of melted cheese

Food Styling is a neat-o book
make food look good on the shelf

Carry-Out Cuisine does help
you’ll be cooking for yourself

Closing the Food Gap is rife
many tales of food not seen

Way of Herbs does tell you how
to use all those myst’ry greens

Melt:  The Art of Mac & Cheese
more than blue box mac to eat

Cakelove, how to bake scratch cakes
here you’ll find the crunchy feet

Blend It! purée fruit for drinks
also veggies – simple meals

Book of Tofu, protein soy
Not real tasty, hubby feels

Sauces – Classics the great four
Okay, wait; there are way more

Hello, Cupcake! – fancy treats
make your cupcakes really soar

Stocking Up III‘s good to have
Learn to can, preserve and dry

Mixing drinks you can soon learn
using the Bartender’s Guide

United Cakes a fave of mine
cakes to bake from ev’ry state

Hot & Spicy & Meatless
zingy dishes — all first rate

Salted — yes!  It’s all just salt!
So dense, this manifesto

Mary Blair’s Hors d’Oeuvre Cookbook
Where there are bites with pesto

How to Grill — techniques abound
all to get the perfect char

All Cakes Considered, cakes galore
Recipes from NPR

I’m the sort who lives to eat
as expressed in Food & Fun

Mrs. Field’s cookbook is great
I Love Chocolate means I’m done

#kakainna #88LinesAbout44Cookbooks #socalval

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