Peter Hertzmann and the Sacramento Food Film Festival

So, one of the several positive experiences I had as a result of actual blogging for my creative writing class last year was determining a structure for my share of blog posts (I was part of a group of eight students, and each of us had a specific day on which we blogged).  With all the writing we had to do, it was easy to fall behind or have no idea about what to write when one’s blogging day arrived.  To minimize my worries, I plotted out subjects beforehand and, even, noted for which week I was going to write those particular blog posts.  It worked out really well; it was as if my brain could take a vacation for that particular assignment and see what I assigned myself to write that week then, simply, write about the topic.

For this blog, at least at the beginning, my plan is to do the same thing.  My goal is to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with each day dedicated to different things.  As today is Friday, the posts will be food-related book reviews, events and mentions (a note to myself on my spreadsheet but I have no idea what I meant at the time by “mentions”; I figure it’ll come to me as I write*).

In my quest to try to network in the culinary world and supplement my insatiable hunger for knowledge (pun intended), I joined the Culinary Historians of Northern California (CHoNC) years ago.  At the time, they were available as a Yahoo! Group only, but they do now have a website as well,

Next week on Thu, April 6 at 6:30 pm, CHoNC will be hosting an event at the CSU East Bay Oakland Center.  Author Peter Hertzmann (Knife Skills Illustrated:  A User’s Manual) will be talking about “The Refrigerator Revolution,” covering when families began to rely on electric refrigerators during the first half of the 20th century.  It’s a free event and open to the public.

I’ll admit that I’ve not yet attended one of their events so I can’t yet provide an assessment.  I’d love to, but they typically are held on a weeknight and in the Bay area so not realistic for me.  Also, being a SoCal native and still not that familiar with this part of the state, Oakland at night might be a bit much for me to navigate on my own.  My spouse would likely be tremendous help to have along but as someone who is as not interested in the culinary world as I am interested, it would be torture for Gabriel to sit through (picture Ross Geller sitting snoring through a talk on fashion, those of you who were fans of “Friends”).  I, OTOH, am fascinated with hearing about how electric refrigeration expanded the diets of early- to mid-20th century individuals and am eager to meet others who also hold my interest.

Another upcoming event, the annual Sacramento Food Film Festival, starts tomorrow on Sat, April 1st and goes through Sat, April 8th.  The proceeds from the film festival go towards supporting the Sacramento Food Literacy Center – an organization whose mission is to teach children of low-income areas about cooking and nutrition.  More information may be found at  Another event I have yet to attend, but I’ve been a supporter of the Food Literacy Center (even have the t-shirt to prove it!) and believe in their mission (I have this crazy daydream of creating somewhat healthy/healthier-yet-still-appetizing dishes from the limited choices available in food deserts, which are often mini-marts/convenience stores – clearly not the ideal option when faced with high-fat and/or high-sodium and/or packed-with-preservatives foods).

* As far as the “mentions,” I think I finally figured out my obscure note to myself – I believe I was referencing noting various food-related items of interest (such as the one dining group to which I belong, the Sacramento Epicureans, which I’ll have to detail on a later date).

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